Our story from plot to bottle

We are Allotment Drinks. We create premium mixers and craft sodas with home-grown flavours from the British vegetable plot and garden.


Claire And Her Garden Gang

Growing up in Yorkshire, Claire Oxley loved the smell of tomato plants in her Grandad Cyril’s greenhouse, and the Garden Gang books she read as a child. Now she has her own Garden Gang of Allotmenteers. We all love wearing wellies and getting our hands dirty.

Mother Nature Is Our Mixologist

Companion planting has taught Claire about natural friendships in the garden (did you know mint leaves deter pests from tomato plants, and borage protects strawberries?). Claire has unearthed some beautiful flavour combinations within these natural pairings and used them to make Allotment’s delicious sparkling drinks.


Championing Local British Produce

We don’t use imported, exotic ingredients in our drinks. We question the wisdom of flying in pomegranates from Peru when our own gardens are bursting with produce. There are so many wonders to find in our own little corner plots and veg patches, so why not dig in?

Giving Back To The Community And Planet

The planet has been good to us, so we do our best to be good to it. We support community growing projects and believe that sourcing products and services from the UK is the most sustainable option to minimise our carbon footprint and food miles.

We support community growing projects

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